Frank Simpson 

May 5, 1925 ~ February 7, 2020

Frank has operated and maintained the well known Simpson Memorial Gardens cemetery in Jeffersontown for quite some time. His family plans to continue the care and operation of this family treasure which was so important to Frank and the entire Simpson family. We're lucky because not too many people have the option of a family cemetery when it comes to burial. Knowing that quite a few Simpson family members and friends have been buried there over the years it is vitally important to continue this unique family jewel. 

In order to assist with this effort, we are asking that all expressions of sympathy for Frank take the form of a donation to the Simpson Memorial Garden fund. 

Know that your donation is a blessing which supports many.

Thank you!

  • 02/12/2020

    Duncans, Moore & Day has made a donation of $ 25

    May he rest in peace.

Frank Simpson
94 years old

$25 of $10,800

Funeral Home information: Alex Ratterman
3800 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY, 40218


Duncans, Moore & Day has made a donation of $ 25