Due to unforeseen circumstances we have made the decision to end this campaign.  Blackburn & Ward Funeral Home and Federated Funeral Directors of America appreciate the generosity expressed by all that viewed, shared or donated to this campaign.  Also, we want to assure you that all donations will be refunded in full.

On Friday, September 15, 2017 Mary Susan Drury, 71, of Versailles, KY was struck and killed by a vehicle while trying to cross US 60. She leaves behind a son who is trying his best to honor her final wishes. Susan began making prearrangements for her burial but illness and disability left her unable to pay for the arrangements she wished for. Now her family is asking for your help to honor their, mother, sister, and grandmother’s final farewell. Your donation will go directly to help pay for her funeral expenses and addition funds will be given to the family to spend on other final expenses and cover lost wages during their time off work.

Mary Susan Drury
71 years old

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Funeral Home information: Blackburn & Ward Funeral Home
161 Broadway St.
Versailles, KY, 40383
 (859) 873-4991