Larry Bentley passed away June 4, 2017.  He was a loving father, brother and grandfather. His loss leaves not only the loss of a loving person, but also a financial burden for his family.  Larry enjoyed being with his family and friends.

We are asking for the assistance of Larry's family, friends and community not only to help pay for the remainder of the funeral bill but, more importantly to eliminate the cost to help the family.  

Please find it in your heart to make a donation, 'Like' and Share this page on your Facebook page so as many people as possible see this. We have set a modest goal of $1400.  Since this account is administered by financial professionals specifically for funeral home, the family wants to reassure all that view this campaign that all donations will be disbursed directly to West & Parrish & Pedigo Funeral Home. Your generosity is appreciated beyond words!

Larry Bentley
69 years old

$20 of $1,400

Funeral Home information: Welch and Cornett
140 E. Vincennes St.
Linton, IN, 47441
 +1 (812) 847-2986


Davy S has made a donation of $ 20