How it works

What is Giving Compassion?

Giving Compassion, Crowdfunding by Federated, is a crowdfunding based service that is a tool for generating an online, community-based fundraiser.

The service helps friends and family of a decedent raise funds to pay funeral expenses for which they are unprepared. The highest level of integrity is maintained by Giving Compassion as it is administered by Federated Funeral Directors of America, a trusted business service partner to funeral homes.

Donated funds are held by Federated in a trust account for disbursal directly to the funeral home that provided the funeral services. Donators can rest assured that their donations are being received by the funeral home and not misappropriated.

How does Giving Compassion work?

Your chosen Funeral Home will guide you through the process. From information gathering to decision making, your funeral director will assist you in setting up your campaign and personalized website.

Once your campaign has been made active, you can share it through email, text and social media platforms like Facebook.

At the end of your campaign, the funds you have collected (minus administrative fees) will be disbursed to the Funeral Home and applied to the funeral balance in accordance with your contract with the Funeral Home.

Who is Federated?

Federated, or Federated Funeral Directors of America, is a trusted business service provider, serving Funeral Homes. For over 90 years, funeral homes have entrusted Federated with important and sensitive business operations such as accounting, tax, consulting and more.

Contributions to Giving Compassion campaigns are not tax deductible.
For further information you should review this publication from the IRS.

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