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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Giving Compassion differ from other crowdfunding websites?

Only the funeral home providing the services can establish a Giving Compassion campaign through an agreement with the family. Funds are administered by Federated Funeral Directors and disbursed directly to the funeral home after the campaign ends.

What if a family tells me they will establish a campaign on another crowdfunding platform?

You should explain to the family that the only crowdfunding platform dedicated to funeral services that you have a relationship with is Giving Compassion. Further, should they decide to use a different crowdfunding source to pay for or assist with payment for the funeral services you cannot make any accommodation with respect to their account and all services must be paid for timely per their funeral service contract regardless of whether or not they have collected adequate funds through the crowdfunding source.

Doesn’t it reflect poorly on me that a family needs help to pay for a funeral at my funeral home?

Quite the opposite. This tool shows you have a deep desire to serve and assist the families in your community. Families that have experienced death combined with other unfortunate situations; loss of work,poor health, accumulated medical bills, etc. You are providing them a solution to reach out to their online community (Facebook) and the local community to receive a hand-up in their time of need.

Why would someone be more comfortable donating to a Giving Compassion campaign over another crowdfunding option?

Giving Compassion is the only crowdfunding solution administered by financial professionals that specialize in working with independently owned funeral homes.

What does it cost my funeral home to use Giving Compassion?

Giving Compassion is a product of Federated’s Accounts Receivable department. If you have our Collection services you pay only a fee of 8%. If you do not have our collection services there is a small monthly fee in addition to the 8%.

If I start using this service, won’t more and more families want to pay for services this way?

This service is not intended to be offered as a “standard” option for payment under your funeral services contract. Rather, it is meant to assist families in exceptional situations where they do not have the means to meet your stated terms of payment.

I’ve been burned by crowdfunding in the past, why would I want to do it again?

Other crowdfunding solutions do little to reduce the risk to the funeral home. Giving Compassion allows YOU to initiate the funding campaign and control the process; working directly with the family, setting the goal and using a trusted partner to administer the funds, you can be confident that you will receive the funds to pay for your services.

Are there any other uses for Giving Compassion besides at-need arrangements?

Yes. You may recognize a family you recently served is experiencing difficulty paying a balance they owe. You could contact the family to see if they would be interested in creating a campaign in order to reach out to family and friends for assistance. However, keep in mind that as time passes, the urgency to help family and friends diminishes.