On February 27, 2016 Todd "Bubba" Myers unexpectedly passed away.  He was loved by so many and his passing leaves an unfillable void as husband, brother, uncle and friend.  Bubba loved sports, particularly University of Michigan, Indiana University and Linton Miner football.  He would be thrilled with the run the Maize & Blue have gone on in the NCAA tournament this year.

It has been just over a year since the funeral and his wife, Nikki, remains unable to work for health reasons.  She is scheduled to have yet another surgery next month, this time for her back.  To compound issues their life insurance lapsed three days prior to Bubbas death leaving a large portion of the funeral balance at Welch & Cornett Funeral Home.

We are asking for the assistance of Todd's family, family, friends and community not only to help pay for the remainder of the funeral bill but, more importantly to eliminate one of Nikki's burdens. 

Please find it in your heart to make a donation, 'Like' and Share this page on your Facebook page so as many people as possible see this.  We have set a modest goal of $4500, slightly above what remains owing on his funeral services.  Any funds raised above the goal will be donated to Nicole Safe Heaven.  Since this account is administered by financial professionals specifically for funeral home, Nikki wants to reassure all that view this campaign that all donations will be disbursed directly to Welch & Cornett Funeral Home.  Your generosity is appreciated beyond words!

  • 04/02/2017

    wendy carr has made a donation of $ 50

    Bubba was a great friend. Hope this helps.
  • 03/27/2017

    Anonymous has made a donation of $ 25

    It's not much but every little bit helps.
  • 03/24/2017

    Anonymous has made a donation of $ 10

    Nikki, We all miss Bubba and hope this helps!

Todd "Bubba" Myers
47 years old

$105 of $4,500

Funeral Home information: Welch and Cornett
140 E. Vincennes St.
Linton, IN, 47441
 +1 (812) 847-2986


Anonymous has made a donation of $ 20
wendy carr has made a donation of $ 50
Anonymous has made a donation of $ 25
Anonymous has made a donation of $ 10